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Songwriters, Sponsors, Staff, Volunteers,
and our wonderful Patrons ~
THANK YOU for an amazing inaugural year! 

"This is the best musical experience we have ever had."

"This has been so wonderful, like a gift."

What the Songwriters are Saying...


Susan Gibson

"I had to keep reminding myself that this was their first festival.  It was so well run, the caliber of songwriters was amazing, and everyone was so cool.  It was a pinch me kind of day!"


Liz Barnez

"All I can say is my heart cracked open this weekend. What an incredible experience... yeah, it opened up my heart."


Irene Kelley

"Well managed and such a welcoming environment. One of the best events I've been to, and I'm honored to have been a part of it!"


Dan Raza

"What a wonderful festival to be part of this weekend - thank you Grand Mesa Songwriter Festival. Amazing artists, location, audiences and vibes!"


Erik Stucky

"This was the highlight of my year, and there is some pretty big competition there. It's been a blast!"


Bill Edwards

"The Grand Mesa Songwriter Festival is all over but the enduring memories. Thanks to David Starr for conceiving and guiding, to the terrific staff for making it seem like they’d done this dozens of times (they hadn’t), and to my fellow writers who made every round so wonderful and inspiring! A perfect time!"


Lauren Mascitti

"I loved the intimate settings, the stories, and connecting with some amazing songwriters. This community is so welcoming and they really rallied around the songwriters."


Grace Morrison

"I want to tell you what a transformative experience Cedaredge was for me. I wrote like 3 songs on the journey home. Bravo on a fabulous festival!"

2024 Sponsors

Festival Host

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Lodging Sponsor

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Media Sponsor

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Stage Sponsors

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Festival Sponsors

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Hospitality Sponsors

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