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Jackson Emmer

During the week of April 20th, 2021, the album “April in Your Eyes” was the #5 top-selling bluegrass album in the USA and charted on Billboard. Jackson Emmer produced the album, and performed on a couple of the tracks. The album was a tribute to West Virginia songwriting legend, John Lilly.

About Jackson

Kalyn Beasley

Kalyn Beasley has released “A Matter Of Time,” featuring some of the best artists and producers from the Texas and Nashville music scenes, like singer-songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson, bringing listeners along for a journey of inspiration and soul-searching.

About Kalyn

Irene Kelley

Hit songwriter Irene Kelley is using her voice combined with those of her two successful artist daughters Justyna and Sara Jean to bring holiday cheer and help raise funds for the Healing Gardens project created by Patio Records founder and philanthropist, Terry Eagan. The KELLEY FAMILY CHRISTMAS album will be the 14th album released on Patio Records, available November 24th on CD
and digitally on all platforms. 

About Irene

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Bill Edwards

Bill Edwards is a master of the songwriting craft as well as a seasoned and compelling performer. The fusion of these talents creates a double-whammy that has knocked out listeners from New York to Los Angeles.

About Bill

Erik Stucky

“From the first beat of the drums to the last-breath horn drop of the sassy brass section, Stucky’s hypnotically happy track  ‘Good Vibrations’ will have you energized body, swimsuit and soul. It’s a catchy, radio-ready, calypso-infused cocktail of joy—a strong contender for one of this year’s summer anthems. Thoroughly baptized with contagious horn phrases, cool-breeze island grooves, and lyrics reminiscent of falling in love your first day at the beach, ‘Good Vibrations’ is a feel-good song—if ever there was one.”

-- M Music & Musicians Magazine

About Erik

Liz Barnez

Get ready for an intimate and fun musical ride! Enjoy the rhythmic musicianship and  expect playful spontaneity and improvisation! Prepare to connect musically and through humor and shared life experience....and you may be inspired to dance.


About Liz

Jeanine Renée

Jeanine Renée is a singer songwriter and poet. Railwalker, her first published collection of poems, emerged from her connection to the rhythms of the dirt roads and rail tracks she wanders. Jeanine is a touring songwriter and musician. Though perfectly at home with her small town life, the troubadour in her loves traveling to meet folks, performing her songs, collecting stories and doing readings along the way.


About Jeanine

Susan Gibson

"When I listen to a Susan Gibson song, I know she is sharing a piece if her heart and soul with me. Susan writes about true stories in her life. She writes with courage puts forth her message with powerful and heartfelt guitar and vocals. It only takes a few lines of her recorded songs for me to recognize that "Susan Sound." Her new record has that for sure. Enjoy....." - Lloyd Maines -  Music producer and musician.


About Susan

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Andy Sydow

"Your worries melt away when you lean back into your favorite chair and let Sydow’s lyrics and piano playing whisk you away."

- Bandwagon Magazine


About Andy

Grace Morrison
“She is folk. She is pop. She’s unbelievably masterful behind the wheel of a guitar. Morrison’s vocal storytelling can make you cry; it can make you sing.”

Emily Clark Old Colony Memeorial


About Grace

Dan Raza
"Truly spellbinding, stunning…if there is any justice in this world, it won’t be long before Dan Raza is headlining in a town near you, take my advice and go and see him live, highly recommended."
Maverick Magazine


About Dan

Tori Tullier
“Things I Won’t Forget” is the debut single from Tori Tullier and first release from her debut EP, Baby Steps. After nearly a decade of writing for other artists in Nashville, this release affirms a new chapter for her as an artist.


About Tori

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Hannah King
"Montana native with national appeal. True country with distinguishing songwriting."
— Saving Country Music 


About Hannah

Lauren Mascitti
“I’m a sucker for a good songwriter. What I love the most is [Lauren’s] silky quality as a storyteller, and that’s the part I really fell in love with. I’ve melted already.”

— Lionel Richie, American Idol


About Lauren

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Eric Ramsey
“A class act, in every sense. Eric Ramsey has it all - Great vocals and extraordinary guitar playing, intentional and interesting storytelling and prolific songwriting. Eric has raised the quality at The Listening Room Phoenix, setting a new standard for all performers and audiences to follow.”

— Jim Colletti, Owner, The Listening Room Phoenix


About Eric

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